Modifications Mandriva Bootsplash

Boot loader is a system where when you first turn on the computer we will be faced with a choice of menu. If your computer has more than one operating system then we will be faced with a choice, which would use the operating system?. Grub boot loader is one of the most dominant use. No exception mandriva who used to use lilo as boot loader defaults, eventually also switch to Grub.

When we are in a boat loader menu mandriva we will get the background, where background is the default inherited from mandriva. Sometimes we get bored with the view that already exists. So in this post, will discuss how to change the background of the boot loader mandriva.

The following steps change the boot mandriva background, ie there are three stages. The first stage is the stage of preparation, the second phase is the editing stage, third stage is the stage of building. Following the first stage with the following steps:

1. First prepare a place for dispensing prescription .. :) open the console and then change your privileges to root:
#mkdir /home/gfxmenu
#mkdir /home/gfxmenu/racik

2. Backup gfxmenu (a background configuration where grub resides) and create a master:
#cp /boot/gfxmenu /home/gfxmenu/
#cp /boot/gfxmenu /home/gfxmenu/racik
#cp /boot/gfxmenu home/gfxmenu/gfxmenubuck-up

3. Then extract gfxmenu in /home/gfxmenu/racik
# cd /home/gfxmenu/racik
# cpio -i < gfxmenu

In three steps we have managed to prepare and create a master of gfxmenu and we can see the contents gfxmenu from which we extract the folder inside the folder /home/gfxmenu/racik , in folder there are files back.jpg which is the background image file from the bootloader. File tesebut can we replace it with another image with the following requirements specification sebaga 256 colors and depth of 8 bits, make sure the image size is 600×480 px or 800×600 px. Based on experiences better editing the original file back.jpg dengn gimp then be replaced or edited picture. Since starting with the new files do not work. Now we enter the third stage of editing. In this editing stage using Gimp as editor of his background. Here are the steps:

1. Copy files and fox back.jpg and change owner to your user so that files can be edited:
#cp /home/gfxmenu/racik/back.jpg /home/user/Pictures
#chown user.user /home/user/Pictures/back.jpg

2.After that open the file through a dolphin back.jpg using gimp, then do the editing and saving.

Editing stage is over now entering the final phase of building phase, with the following steps:

1. Edit and copy files into racik back.jpg
#cp -vf /home/user/Pictures/back.jpg /home/gfxmenu/racik/

2. Delete files gfxmenu that exist in racik
#rm -vf /home/gfxmenu/racik/gfxmenu

3. Compress the files that had been extracted, which is located in a folder racik into gfxmenu in /home/gfxmenu/
#cd /home/gfxmenu/racik
#ls | cpio -o > /home/gfxmenu/gfxmenu

4. Copy the files gfxmenu which you have to edit the /boot/
#cp -vf /home/gfxmenu/gfxmenu /boot/

Now you have finished making your boot loader configuration background, restart your computer to see the results:). If there are problems you can still return it, by:
#cp -vf /home/gfxmenu/gfxmenubuck-up /boot/gfxmenu

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