Fixed Problem ZTE AC2726 in the Mandriva

ZTE AC 2726 from the previous installation Running Modem ZTE AC2726 in Mandriva Feeling in Windows, there are problems where after restarting the computer can not get into X-windows.
This is in libraries that caused there are conflict libQtCore and libQtGui on the ZTE system with linux system.
In this case, to fixed the problem we must delete libQtCore and libQtGui on the ZTE system.
Follow these instructions :
open konsole or you can use Ctrl+Alt+F1 and login
$ su
# rm -vf /usr/local/bin/ztemtApp/bin/libQt*
Now restart your linux sistem.
This instructions may be can be applied in othe linux system like Fedora, Ubuntu, Suse.

Running Modem ZTE AC2726 in Mandriva Feeling in Windows

Intrigued by ZTE AC2726 modem which I get from SMART. Where SMART package only provides drivers for Windows and Mac operating systems only. But for the linux still do not know what is not.

After googling I found some information that says ZTE AC2726 modem can be executed with the usb_modeswitch and KPP with the complicated setting and no user interface. After googling again eventually find applications that have user interfaces like in windows, we can receive SMS, telephone, internet connect. That applications is user friendly. So using a modem ZTE AC2726 in Mandriva like in Windows. The application was packaged for fedora, but it does not matter.

Steps for setting up with ZTE AC2726 in Mandriva Mandriva 2010.0 with kernel specification 2.6.31.x:

1. Make sure Mandriva connected with the repository.

2. Download the application CrossPlatformUI-V1.0.27-BSNL-i586-fedora10.rpm here

3. Proficiency level in these applications installed directly by double clicking on CrossPlatformUI-V1.0.27-BSNL-i586-fedora10.rpm then you will be asked for a password to perform the installation.

4. Once completed Application and create a link on your desktop in a way: Right Click > Create New > Link to Application and choose on the Application tab and then settings like the following picture

5. Run the application and you will be asked for your root password, enter your password. Tada .. applications already use, do the settings by selecting the Settings icon.

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