Knowing Where the Server Location
cool, from link above we can find out where the server is located (in this case the DNS server of a domain is usually from ISP/Internet Service Provider)

Calculating Power With Power Supply Calculator

Power Supply on a PC with a role that is very important because with this hardware device we can use the computer properly, power supply has a variety of resources.

So to use this device we can not use it in accordance with our desires so had to adapt other hardware devices which certainly has the power requirement varies.

If you have the hardware specs are quite large, the power usage will also be great also, to more clearly how stout the power you need for a PC that you use can be found here

How to Create XAMPP Icon in KDE

I have installed xampp in mandriva sya manually (its mean not from the repo), the problem is how do I make xampp icon that can be seen in the list of list menus or the desktop, so that we could easily run xampp without having to log into the console by typing "/opt/lamp/lamp start". Since that time I have ever tasted os pc linux and xampp listed in the menu list, so we stayed click xampp to run the service.

and also if in mandriva how to be a program or service can run otmatis at boot time.?
what we must edit the rc.d files like most other distro ..?

to make XAMPP in the KDE menu follow the steps below:

1. Right click the Kicker Menu (logo or logos Mandriva KDE in the taskbar)
2. Select Menu Editor
3. Select the group want in the edit menu, for example in Development
4. Create a new menu by clicking on [+] New Items,
5. The contents of the variable is needed, select the icon, for command input

kdesu/opt/lampp/lampp start

6. Save and try,

for automatic road there are two ways,
1. autostart via KDE,
2. edit in /etc/rc.local and add /opt/lampp/lampp start before the last line.

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