Portable Charger for Your Notebook/Laptop & Your Gadget

PowerGorilla Laptops Portable Charger
The Second Energy For Your Notebook/Laptop & Gadget
Sometimes we are facing the obstacles battery Notebooks / Laptops low battery. However, we must resolve some important work and the battery you have is low battery you have no way out other than dismiss the work and shutdown or turn off your Notebooks / Laptops, because you place to do your job is not channel the electricity to connected the contents to charging your battery. Now you do not need to be more troublesome because there is now PowerGorilla Laptops Portable Charger.

PowerGorilla Portable Laptop Charger is a very powerfull tool to cover battery Notebooks / Laptops battery you when you want out the power.

PowerGorilla Laptops Portable Charger
In addition to Notebook / Laptop, reload this tool can also be used to recharge the battery of your other gadgets, from MP3 music player, camera, GPS and other). Even for a gadget with a small power consumption, this tool can be used for 20 hours. For its own resources and battery in the PowerGorilla can use the AC power source, through the USB port or use SolarGorilla the resources of solar energy. 

PowerGorilla Laptops Portable Charger Toolkit
Although the forms may be not too small but with the ability to be used on laptops for 2.5 hours of quite matches the physical form that is a little big.

Solar Gorilla and Gorilla Solar Power Charger Kit
Solar Gorilla sold at $ 279.97 and PowerGorilla Portable Laptop Charger sold with the price of U.S. $ 299.97, while Solar Gorilla and Gorilla Solar Power Charger Kit sold at $ 524.97. So buy a more efficient package. : D

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