Solar Charger for Your Gadget

Picture of Solargorilla Solar Laptop Charger
When using a cool-occupied Laptops / Notebooks sudden battery indication batrei we show low power, and at that time with us much electricity. Wow how to overcome them when we need to send important data. Now there is a solution that is Solargorilla Solar Laptop Charger, is one tool that can be used to recharge your gadged using solar energy. During the sun is still there you still can be to our.

The Solar gorilla's 24 volt and 5 volt USB socket make it the ultimate portable solar charger for your laptop, mobile phone, iPod and many more devices.

Picture of Solargorilla Solar Laptop Charger

With Solargorilla Solar Laptop Charger least you can overcome the problem of low batrey power. :D In addition, you also have a role to save the earth by using this alternative energy source. :D

Picture of Solargorilla Solar Laptop Charger
So you participate to make this green earth. Let's Go Green.

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