How to Display Google Adsense in Blog Posts

Pay per click ads like Google Adsense or others who appear on the blog post will be more organized / seen by the reader. So the potential for clicks will be greater.

View, install or put the script Google Adsense blog posts (bloggger / blogspot) is straightforward. Previously you had to parse the script / code your ads get first.

How, you simply copy the script / code of Google Adsense, the Adsense Parser tool below, then click Parse It!

Copy off the parsed code..
Now login to your blogger account.
Go to Layout > Edit Html and expand the widget templates.
Find this piece of code


Now add the following code just above that line.

Put your parsed adsense code here 


From now on you should have adsense below the post title. On pages with multiple posts(eg: home page, label page etc) , the adsense ads will show up only on the first post(i.e below the post title of the first post). It wont show up on the other posts on the same page.So you are abiding by the Adsense TOS.

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