Installing Single Drupal On Multiple (Sub) Domains

Base on

If you wanted to install Drupal on the same machine for the  different (sub)domains then it could be done by installing drupal only 1 core while the others will follow.

The first step is to install drupal as usual for the first site (eg Then to install drupal into two ( can be done by:

  1. create a database for the site b
  2. create a directory under the directory  at sites, in the site
  3. copying files  default.settings.php to the directory and changed the ownership to be writable by apache
  4. create a directory of files under the directory and changed the mode
  5. match the apache vhost  with same configuration on except the name of the URL only 
Yup that's all modules, themes and libraries if desired customizations can be made directory in the directory.

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