What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a program created by Google that displays ads, the content of the adsense ads are usually text link or a picture that commersil to be installed on a website or blog. Usually the form of text or images that contain links or can also form Search box or a box for search. Google will pay fitter each time click on the link. Usually the link or the image will be adjusted to the content of websites installer automatically by Google. For example, the website associated with posters Adsense ebok related to the ebook.

Now, many Indonesian people that many use this method to find the money, even as job or their main income. Hundreds and even thousands of dollars they can generate each month. How not interested, but with the capital to make the website / blog've been ad can generate revenue so that tantalize.

There are several kinds of adsense type provided by google adsense, namely:

1. AdSense for content.
This type is the type of normal. This is the most widely used people. The form is the form of advertising that we will get a dollar if there is click on these ads with the words of the PPC (Paid-Per-Click). But sometimes we can also get 1,000 dollars each Impression / appear (Paid Per Impression), but that is likely to only to certain ads and opened in a certain country.

2. Adsense for search.
This forms a form of "Search Engine". We will only get paid when there are people who do a search through the search engines that we plug in the web / blog and then our people are clicking on one of the search results in the form of ads, so not all search results is the form of paid advertising. Usually given the box and his writings are "Ads by Google"

3. Referrals.
AdSense Referrals form with the exact same type "for content", but the difference is dollarnya earnings from the system. type this, we will get paid if there is a subscription / download / purchase / use products from these ads.

How? If you'd like to try the list here

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