This is the 10 Worst Building in the World

Early morning reading the news in There was a news about the 10 worst buildings in the world. So I want to post. This is the news.

Touring usually can show you the various corners of the best in the world. Including a number of buildings that excellent design.

However, there are also buildings which had considered building or monument as the worst, as the site inform readers based on the opinion of the manager and the site.
The following 10 buildings that are less savory to see it, as quoted from Reuters:

  1. Boston City Hall, Boston, Massachusetts
  2. Montparnasse Tower; Paris, France
  3. LuckyShoe Monument, Tuuri, Finlandia
  4. Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool, Inggris
  5. Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York, New York
  6. Torres de Colon, Madrid, Spanyol
  7. Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts, Vaduz, Liechtenstein
  8. Scottish Parliament Building, Edinburgh, Scotlandia
  9. Birmingham Central Library, Birmingham, Inggris
  10. Peter the Great Statue, Moscow, Rusia

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