Septic Tank Technology

We often hear the water recycling technology that can be used again for other needs, such as sprinkling toilets, wash cars and flush the garden.

This time, the company BioKube create a recycling technology that is considered part of that is very very beastly recycle water that comes from a septic tank.
In the septic tank, the shape of solid waste will be submerged due to gravity itself and that there will be water into a tank with bacteria and bioblocks that will filter waste water.

Of course, water, we need not be used for drinking or washing dishes / clothes, but we can use to flush kebuh or garden.

With this technology, a septic tank is expected to save about 15,000 gallons of water (equivalent to 56,781 liters) where the amount is the amount of water used by United States citizens to their garden hose during the year.

According to BioKube, the size of a septic tank with a 1.8 meter high water can produce as much as 7.5 liters per 15 minutes.

Great Innovations, but still have a little disgusted when the water comes from.

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