My AdSense Application is Rejected

Talking about Google AdSense, so I'm quite sad because my application is rejected:(. Normal life in my application and I decline, because my hurry-poor do submit applications. Because I use my blog and blog
content of my new article and not a little more. And my blog is still ragged.

So whether it causes, based on an email from Adsense replay is as follows:

Are being made: We know that the page of your site is not complete or
are being made. We request that Web sites can be launched and
navigable before being considered for AdSense. Your site must also
contain content that is sufficient enough to be examined by our specialists, and
to display relevant ads. After most of your site
complete and functional, we will be happy to consider
return your application.

After I send this article, I will try to apply the application to Google AdSense, because I think my blog is ready.But I don't know, according to experts who are assigned to check the Google AdSense website is feasible or not. I hope my application at a later received by Google AdSense.

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