Making Article on Blogger With read more .....

Sometimes we do a post a long article. Imagine if in a blog page showing sevent article, which can be read if you scrool down continuously. The problem can be solved with the articles do not possess full but some of it. And simply click read more only new fully displayed.

The following steps to make:

First, Login to your blogger account.
Second, the Entrance to the Layout continue to select the Edit HTML
Third, Check Expand Widget Templates
Fourth, Search code :

If did not find use the facilities find this page. The step is, select the browser on the Edit menu continues to find

Fifth, Replace the code that was looking for a tone with the following code:



Sixth, Save Tamplate.

Seventh, so that each post code to read more the articles appear. So we do not need to remember. How to store open Template and open the Settings continue Formatting.
In the post template enter the following code:

Note: Entering the post on this template, you can also do not. Because the code is only to remind will do if the post articles. You can add the code in time write the article.

How to write the article is:

This is an example of writing articles truncated (View in the main post)
and this is the read more.... 

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