Horee ... My Google AdSense Applications is Received

Today is a day of hope for me, after sending the application my first Google AdSense is decline. After submitting my application Google AdSense again, exactly on the day yesterday sat on 22 November 2008. So this morning on the day of week date of 23 November 2008, I've opened an email reply to see the contents google adsense accept applications Google AdSense.

Actually register to see how easily be biased and the bias is also said to be difficult. Courtney is you have a website / blog that tolerably good condition. So my web / blog, still ragged or not there are still evacuated, for example, will be difficult in the Constitution by google.Itulah the reason why Google adsense reject my application first. I already have a web / blog, the next step which is open sites continue to see a list of you there. I have been waiting to register you live your web / blog  approved by google (can hate waiting several days).

I later accounts you have
approved by google, you can install the new adsense yours web / blog. Oh yes, I agreed we would be encouraged in adsense web / blogs that our other, so not only in the web / blog that we have registered first. And we do not need to register web / blog that we will apply adsense.

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