Finding Dollars with PPC or PTC

For those of you who want to get Dollar ($) for free, then you can use one of the program on the Internet that offer cent the PTC / PPC. But before you also need to know first what the PTC / PPC?

PTC (Paid To Click) or PPC (Paid Per Click) is an advertising program where you will be paid in the amount of certain Every time you do click on the ads that have been provided. You do not need special expertise or to pay registration for the program. What is important is, you register, the contents of all data, and you will receive an email containing the ad and please click on the ad.

In addition, every person who wants to follow the program PTC also must have an account Egold / Alert Pay / Paypal. And now that many are used Alert Pay and Paypal.

Here are some programs that "visible" serious in handling the PTC / PPC, I do not dare to guarantee to pay up in case :D Many web it seems serious :D, but according to my observation through blogs and news stories I have read the PTC / PPC following the payment proved their Account (E gold / Alert Pay / Paypal).


Click: $0.01 | Payout: $2
Payment: Alert Pay, Paypal


Click: $0.01 | Payout: $5
Payment: Alert Pay, Paypal


Click: $0.01 | Payout: $5
Payment: Alert Pay, Paypal

Click: $0.0025 | Payout: $1.01(Alert Pay) $1 (Paypal) $0.10 (E-Gold)
Payment: Alert Pay, Paypal, E-gold

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