Cray XT replace the Jaguar Super Computer Fastest IBM?

One of Cray super computers
Currently, the super computer that off as the fastest in the world is  Roadrunner made by IBM reached a petaflop performance in 1026. XT Jaguar from Cray Inc. claim is ready to seize the title.

It seems not too excessive if Cray XT Jaguar ambitions to become the fastest super computer in the world, because the super computer which is capable of achieving 1.64 petaflop performance. This means that the computer is capable of doing the operation more than one quadrillion per second.

Cray itself is a super computer manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington. Quoted detikINET from Softpedia, Mon (17/11/2008), Jaguar Cray XT is supported by 45 thousand processor Quad-core AMD Opteron, has a 362 terabyte memory, and 10 petabyte file system.

Cray XT Jaguar will be used for research purposes is open, so that researchers from various universities, companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations can take advantage of the strength of this super computer.

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